BSSC in the Media

Dr. Hahn was recently featured in an article discussing the best and worst cities for an active lifestyle. He discusses specific ways that cities can promote physical activity for their residents. Well done Dr. Hahn!

New technology developments

Recently, one of our undergraduate students, Alex Denton, finished building a 3D printer. This has been a side project for quite some time, so seeing it complete it exciting!

The 3D printer is a “build it yourself” Prusa Mendel Iteration 2. The
printer uses all Open Source software, RAMPS electronics, an Arduino
Mega 2560, and even has 3D printed functioning parts. Since the printer was finished in summer 2016, it has only printed small geometric objects for calibration purposes. However, we will soon begin printing more elaborate custom objects to assist another professor in her research. We plan to continue to increase the precision and accuracy of our prints so that eventually we may be able to design small prosthetic fitting prototypes and design intricate track spikes.

Check it out!

A busy summer at the BSSC wraps up, and a new school year begins!


We had a busy summer at the BSSC, full of new scientific findings, clinical breakthroughs, and collaboration with both the scientific and running communities!

A number of individuals have graduated, including two graduate students (one PhD and one M.S.) who have taken full-time positions in the sport science industry. In addition , a number of undergraduate students received their degree and moved on to exciting jobs or graduate school.

Our group also traveled to Taipei, Taiwan and Raleigh, NC for international and national biomechanics conferences. Many podium and poster presentations were given, and lots of fun was had!

Finally, we were able to do some exciting work within our clinic, including a pole vault analysis and sprint analysis on some top local athletes. As summer ends and fall begins, we welcome new graduate and undergraduate students, and look forward to continuing to maximize our clinic’s performance (while limiting injury).

BSSC Class of 2015-2016

PIC_0964_whole group cropped less

This year we have a number of changes as we say goodbye and good luck to some while welcoming new grad students including a visiting scholar, post-doctoral candidate, and doctoral student! With that comes new research projects and a need for more undergraduate help and mentoring opportunities. Many changes and exciting things happening this year!


2014 International Sports Science Symposium

Our International Sports Science Symposium went off without a hitch! We had some great keynote speakers and researchers from around the world for the event, perfectly coinciding with the World Junior Track Championships. We are excited for future opportunities to hold similar events for students, academics, and clinicians alike! We hope to continue keeping symposium registration at a minimum with the help of our sponsors such as Tekscan and the NeuroSpine Institute. There are bound to be other high profile track and field meets at Hayward Field and it’s possible we will hold another scientific meeting in the future! In the meantime, check out this promotional video!