Body Composition

Measurements of body fat to muscle ratio or resting energy expenditure. These measurements are useful indicators of overall health and can be used as a tool to track health improvements throughout an exercise program.


Skin-fold testingSkin fold

Skin-fold measurements are taken at 7 different sites of the body using specially designed calipers. These measurements are used to estimate an individual’s relative body fat. It is the most popular and practical method available to assess body composition. This method is practical a way to analyze composition but lacks accuracy for atypical body types.  $45*



Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA)DEXA

A full body scan used to analyze fat mass, lean mass and bone mineral content. Considered by many to be the “gold standard” for body composition analysis, DEXA was first developed to measure bone mineral content but is now considered to be useful in the assessment of overall and regional body thcomposition. This test simultaneously measures fat mass, lean mass and bone mass without making assumptions about their densities. The results from the test provide detailed analysis of the percent fat and muscle throughout the body. Due to small amounts of exposure to radiation, this test requires a physician’s referral to have the test administered.   $170*



Resting Metabolic Rate

resting_metabolic_rate_testA test measuring the utilization of oxygen during resting conditions that allows the calculation of the minimal amount of energy required for running basic physiological functions. Testing metabolic rate requires athletes to be fasted and rested before energy expenditure is measured through indirect calorimetry. The athlete’s expired air is analyzed while they are relaxed in an environmentally controlled state. Energy expenditure is then determined through measurements of oxygen utilization.  $90*



* All prices are subject to change. Our clinic also offers group rates of only 3 or more individuals and special University of Oregon internal pricing. For a quoted price specific to your situation, please inquire.