Exercise Physiology

Measurements of sport performance capacity as an aid to assess your personal athletic capabilities or as a measure of improvement throughout a training program.


VO2 Max Test with Polar Heart Rate Monitor

A graded exercise trial evaluating aerobic capacity, providing an accurate estimate of ventilatory and anaerobic threshold which is useful in developing training protocols.  $125*



Lactate Threshold TestBlood_Lactate

A series of tests that use blood samples during graded exercise protocols to determine the onset of blood lactate accumulation (OBLA); the point at which your body can no longer maintain the current intensity level for a prolonged period of time. The lactate threshold can be used to determine target training zones to maximize performance.  $165*

Lactate Field Test (customized to sport)  $75*



Hybrid VO2 Max & Lactate Threshold Test

Combines components of the VO2 Max Test and the Lactate Threshold Test for the highly trained athlete. Full analysis yields estimates of running economy and efficiency.  $205*



Integrated Physiology Assessment

Clinic staff will design, administer and/or analyze customized protocols to fit client’s personal interests. Price is based on a hourly rate, for more information please contact us directly.  $160/hr



* All prices are subject to change. Our clinic also offers group rates of only 3 or more individuals and special University of Oregon internal pricing. For a quoted price specific to your situation, please inquire.